• Concept
  • Technical drawings
  • 3D Visuals
(50 GBP per M2)
(1500 GBP per Month)

Estimate work plan

Structured interview with our client

During pleasant talk with a cup of tea or glass of freshly pressed juice, we do the first briefing with a client. Here we have a chance to ask questions about the project and help out client to articulate what exactly he/she wants by showing pictures of different style, colors and settings. This meeting also helps to determine budget for the project.

Diving into the project (1-2 weeks)

After receiving first information about the project we start to do our research and completely dive into it: we visit the site, do the measurements, create planning and zoning, imagine scenarios of use for every space and do our primary sketches...

Presentation of the Concept

We present to the client first results of our thorough work: proposal on style, color scheme, several versions of planning and zoning for every room and primary visuals. On this stage it’s crucial to set the right direction for the project based on which our designers will develop further work on details.

Ordering of furniture and materials, supervision of contractors by our clients

If the client wishes we help to order and monitor the delivery of furniture and materials (we do not earn any additional money from this as we pass all our trade discounts to our clients). We can also help to find trusted contractors and supervise them.

Development of the project

After approving the concept we start working on details. Client receives high quality visuals, specified list of all materials and furniture, technical drawings. At the end of this stage client receives complete set of documents that he/she can pass to the contractors.

Grand opening :)
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