Circle Line is a studio
established in 2012 in Ukraine.
We are passionate and dedicated
team of young professionals who work in
both residential and commercial areas.

We help to create perfect dwellings and crafted
public environments by using our diverse experiences
and skills in presentation of our vision: virtual-
reality technology and three-dimensional visuals.

We have more than 5 years of experience in
interior design and more than 30 completed

We are situated in Ukraine (Kiev,
Dnipro) and in Great Britain

Our features


You'll love working with us and you'll be surprised by the quality of our services (besides qualitative design, of course). Clear structure of the process of project development, high discipline of employees, strict adherence to the plan and terms... They say that "creative" people are sometimes difficult to deal with, but it is not the case with us. :)


We do not earn money from the third parties for materials and furniture that we use in our designs. Unlike many other studios, we do not work on hidden commissions. We "pass" all our discounts to our customers. You can be sure that we recommend you this or that dresser, not because we make more money of it but because it works best in the concept.  :)

Ability to LISTEN

Before starting to work, we conduct a detailed interview with the client to thoroughly examine their needs, interests and tastes. If you are not sure what style you like, we can offer you a specially designed overview of possible styles in pictures to "find" something that suits you.

Knowledge of the field

We offer high-quality (not necessarily expensive) design. We know not only Ukrainian, but also foreign markets of furniture and materials. We travel a lot and monitor main design trends.

Sustainable design

We work in contemporary styles and use in our designs the most “green” products, that the world market has to offer. It is our responsibility to make sure that our clients are left in the safest and most environmentally friendly homes.


Kate Kuzmenko

Interior Designer, Founder

Elizabeth Gundych

Interior Designer, Architect

Olga Fink

Interior Designer, Decorator

Irina Filon


Danil Najbich


Irina Shapovalova


Eugene Noskov


Velentin Dorofeev

Interior Designer

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